Collegio Football

Collegio Football 2008

The past, present and future of college football


  • Good web integration
  • Excellent range of information
  • Wallpaper generator


  • No help
  • Changing date can be tricky

Not bad

If you're a college football fan, you're going to love Collegio Football, an awesomely comprehensive guide to the sport.

Collegio Football works via a main interface in which all the teams available are visible. Double-clicking a team will bring up a database of information on it, covering everything from Schedule and Results to Contacts and Radio. Right-clicking will give you access to even more information on head-to-head rundowns and where to get tickets for the next game.

Among Collegio Football's interesting features is excellent web integration - you can access bunches of RSS feeds, team websites, football news and information all via the program. There are a million options, all hiding in-depth information on everything from coaches and conferences to stadiums and awards, all tailored to your favorite teams.

Collegio Football is an indispensable tool, but it has a few major issues. The trial version is limited to 8 teams - which is understandable - but changing the date or displaying date-specific information is really tough. All the Collegio Football information is great, but some of it seems to be up to 3 years out of date, with no obvious way of updating or changing it.

Collegio Football provides some very cool stats, but without up to date information, it's pretty frustrating.

Collegio Football


Collegio Football 2008

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